Geography & Climate


One of the main natural attractions of the island of Sal is its fauna and maritime biodiversity and resident and migratory seabirds. To enjoy all its beauty there are several proposals for Diving and Sport Fishing.


Ravaged by the winds, it is the flattest island of the archipelago and despite its volcanic origin, its highest point, the Monte Grande rises just 406 meters (about 1332 ft) from the sea level. The closest to the African continent, subjected to similar climatic conditions that exist at the same latitude, on the continent, appears very dry. With elongated shape has an area of 30 km in the direction north / south and a width not exceeding 12 km towards east / west.


Sal has a very sunny and warm climate throughout the year. Although not as hot as the African mainland, temperatures are kept moderate thanks to the surrounding sea and it’s Atlantic currents. With temperatures ranging from 20 to high 30 degrees celsius, a constant breeze that is a blessing in disguise and turquoise waters never dropping below 20ºC, it’s always pleasant to be outside!