Funana Casa da Cultura

Funana Casa da Cultura

Funana Casa da Cultura - KnowCapeVerde
Located on Santa Maria beach, Funana Casa da Cultura is the most typical restaurant on the island, having already been awarded. It opened its doors in 1994 and it is a “Living Museum” that tells stories and reveals traditions of the islands through the reproduction of houses, places and scenes of the everyday life. At Funana you can also find emblematic sculptures ofthe Cape Verdean culture as well as elements of its history and natural heritage.
We make guided tours for only 6€, where you can watch live performances of the everyday life in Cape Verde such as people working in the fields, in the mills and with the pestle. It is also possible to taste a variety of national liqueurs and spirits while desserts like couscous or even fidjôs with sugar cane honey are served.

Come and taste the traditional dishes of cachupa, Nha Antónia Serra fish, whelks’ stew, meat au vin du Fogo, sweated lobster, shrimp Cidade Velha as well as other sorts of delicious fish, seafood and meat sorts, all grilled on charcoal. To finalize your meal have some national fried banana and typical sweets such as peanut, guava or coconut tarts while enjoying the fantastic animation of live music and typical dances.

The owners are musicians and Milu, a great singer with various musical productions, invites everyone to dance in a very festive and enjoyable atmosphere.