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Djunta mo Art

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The Djunta mo art Project started in May 2013 with the purpose of developing a sustainable market in the archipelago and especially to promote the national art, culture and crafts. We are committed to an ethical approach, to improving the lives of the artisans by increasing their access to the consumers market. We pay special attention to environmental issues thats why we promote and sell recycled products and objects and reject any products, for example, made out of shark teeth.

The archipelago consists of 10 islands that are quite distant from each other and the transport network is not very efficient. This makes product’s distribution very difficult. For the same reason craftspeople find it very hard to obtain raw materials, to network or distribute their products. We give great importance to supporting them from the manufacturing to the final stage and we also support them in creating a network to exchange ideas, practices and materials.

We currently collaborate with 40 artisans and 2 cooperatives from different areas of the country. Some of them, thanks to our support, are beginning to make a living out of their work, hiring inclusively personnel to increase their output. We consider this a great success because it means we are really adding up and boosting the local economy.

As of this year we are officially registered as distributors and certified sales point for Cape Verde’s crafts in the RENDA project (National Network of Crafts and Distribution) promoted by the Ministry of Culture of Cape Verde.
This project also finances the office for the non-profit Nu Bai Association, that organizes scholarships, health services for children and disadvantaged families, collects school and medical items and clothing. We work closely with ICCA (Cape Verde Institute for Children and Adolescents) and the CDS (Social Development Center of Sal).

Open from Monday to Sunday: 09:00 – 13:30 & 14:30 – 22:00