Our mission is to boost Cape Verde’s sustainable development through the execution of activities in the scope of tourism; training; international projects and partnerships for development; empowerment and implementation of local people and businesses, sustainable development projects as well as social, community intervention and organisation of events.
We envisage the promotion of social innovation, through interventions characterized by its quality but also by sustainable and ethical principles.
CODE CV defends the promotion of quality tourism, social cohesion, equal opportunities and empowerment of people and institutions. We focus on the development of collaborative learning processes and new skill sets.

More than words

We’re actively engaged in social work. Aside of the project RECICLART we articulate and work closely with other organisations in order to educate and provide children the instruments to enhance their knowledge, skills and improve the quality of their lives. Our activities go beyond recycling as we also provide them with school materials, toys, food and of course a lot of play and joyful moments!


Help 2 Help

We sell these 2 articles handmade by our children. They can be found in some of our partner shops like Art&Craft, Pérola do Sal and L’Alambic. The money is used to buy food, school and pedagogical materials for the children. By buying one of those you are supporting our cause. Furthermore we think it is important to teach the children that even though it is very good to receive help, in life, we must work to attain our objectives. This is the way we found to motivate them to do something in order to get something back.

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Tourism and Gender

Promoting gender equality, putting an end to the various social and economic disadvantages that leave women unable to express their views rendering them powerless, can be one of the best ways to save the environment and cope with the dangers of overpopulation and other adversities linked to demographic pressure. The voice of women is of decisive importance for the future of the world and not just for the future of women.

– Amartya Sen

We believe that an equitable integration of women into the community is extremely beneficial to all the constituent elements. The positive effects arising from their inclusion in the various components of living in society, as well as the benefit of maximizing the various human resources available can immensely promote and develop the community. Stimulation and empowerment allow women to choose their role in the community they are part of. The increasing participation of women in emerging economies is fundamental for the sustainable
and balanced development of women with undeniable socio-economic benefits.

Mulher Empreendedora

Mulher Empreendedora

A program to train women with an entrepreneurial spirit and to support the creation and development of businesses (companies, associations and / or cooperatives).

Its main objectives are:
✓ Stimulating self-employment and prevent economic deprivation situations;
✓ Stimulating creativity;
✓ Set up human capital;
✓ Develop ideas that stimulate economic activities:
✓ Promote networking

This program aims to promote entrepreneurship, in particular entrepreneurial skills of the female population of the island of Sal, as well as the creation of a collective business unit for women, in a business area to be defined.

Dance and Music

Noz Ritmu

In a context of migration, increased tourism and growing social inequalities, children and young people suffer the most. The Island of Sal is marked by a growth of the resident population coming from other islands and also from other countries which drastically influences the process of socialization of our young people. Due to the increasing access to information, as a result of the mass use of technologies and these external influences, we daily lose ground in the preservation of our culture, traditions and values. It is urgent to keep young people in touch with tradition and it is also urgent to create stimulating projects for them in order to give them the prospect and incentive to want to strive for a better life.

We have designed a dance programme to implement in 2018 with the duration of 6 months that intends to keep teenagers off the streets. It is a fusion of Cape Verdean traditional rhythms and modern dances where we will create our own choreographies, produce the outfits, interact with professional dancers and end the programme with a show in Santa Maria’s main square.

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