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The Platform

KnowCapeVerde centralizes all the relevant information about the best touristic activities, sightseeing, holiday packages, restaurants, social and cultural events, promotions and deals on local businesses.

KnowCapeVerde - The Project

The Project

Cape Verde, one country, 10 destinations. This project is taking its first steps, initiating activities in Sal island but expanding in the near future to the other destinations the country offers.

KnowCapeVerde - Sustainability


We advocate sustainable tourism and our aim is to make a positive impact on the environment, society and local economy, by raising the exposure small businesses have in the tourism sector, create more jobs and train the locals providing them with the necessary tools to motivate and engage them in entrepreneurship.

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Environment & Education

A great number of products we currently consume are presented in disposable packages. We are now living in an era when most of these packages are just thrown away. This "garbage" is, in fact, a raw material that can be reused with creativity in the construction of toys, games and other pedagogical materials.

It is important to raise awareness among the young generations and lead them to think consciously about waste reduction, protection of natural resources, contributing in a playful way, to a significant learning and adoption of environmentally friendly practices. Projects Reciclarte, Precious Plastic and other activities we have focus on providing solutions to these issues.

Recent News

Sal Project: Partnership agreement with the Oceánario de Lisboa

Hélia Bernardo (from CODE CV, with whom CALAO has entered into a separate partnership agreement for the purpose of this education programme) will be trained at the Oceanário de Lisboa, on how to integrate biodiversity conservation, protection of environment, anti-pollution and recycling matters at schools. Once the training done, Helia Bernardo will perform in Sal public schools a program of courses on biodiversity protection, environment, pollution and recycling.
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